iNewOrleans change tracking

Change Tracking

A central part of the iNewOrleans CDX is the ability to see what was changed and when. A customized diff based visualization system makes this easy.

TigerTracker Mobile Readers

Mobile Attendance Tracking

TigerTracker allows LSU departments and groups to track or limit attendance to events. When combined with Linea Pro sleds, TigerTracker is a fast and efficient ID Card based tracking system.

iNewOrleans JSON API

APIs. APIs everywhere...

Fully featured APIs provide JSON and XML based communication from partner applications. No more tightly-coupled, limited systems to conform your business to. The APIs let you make the system work for your business.

PDF Document Generation
It's not for the faint of heart.

Using Prawn makes generating PDF documents easier, but the complexity of the spec means that even Adobe's own software can't handle properly formatted documents sometimes.

LSU Copier Portal PDF Code

Mobile iPad Point of Sale
Anywhere, anytime.

Using iPads for mobile POS terminals just makes sense. The cost and availability of other options is only one factor that makes iPads a top choice. The ease of development and standardization of device form factors made this a no-brainer.

LSU Copier Portal PDF Code

iNewOrleans Trip Planner

Planning a Trip?
You should visit New Orleans.

The iNewOrleans Trip Planner is powered by the CDX platform you saw above. Combined with a Single Sign-On implementation, this ecosystem just keeps growing and growing while seamlessly working together.

External API Integration
Spiraling out of control.

Sometimes, third-party software just doesn't work quite the way you need it to. In this case, the Google Places API doesn't quite return as much data as the application required. To capture more data, I created a spiraling algorithm.

Google Places API