Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey Lee

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Developer, Rubyist


I currently own and operate a small technology consultancy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I consult with companies in several different industries on many types of technology projects, but have a passion for Web Development. I have a strong desire to produce results above expectations. I'm primarily self-taught and will continue evolving with technology.


My professional career has been split between several IT positions at LSU and consulting. In the 8 years I was at LSU, I excelled in each position and rapidly progressed to higher positions. My last position at Louisiana State University was as an IT Manager in the Auxiliary Services department. Auxiliary Services is, essentially, the business end of the University and operates with the bottom line in mind. As a result, the solutions I developed were geared towards streamlining processes and integrating technologies. Since the University has many "legacy" systems (IBM Mainframes, Blackboard transaction systems, door access, etc.), I spent a good bit of time modernizing vendor technology with wrappers and APIs, usually in Ruby.

Special Projects

While at LSU, I worked on several special projects in addition to my full time position. Various department sought me out for projects because they knew I could deliver. For the Division of Student Life and Enrollment I acted as the project manager for web projects, including a complete rebuild of the web platform in the division. I also worked with the LSU Academic Center for Student Athletes to develop and enhance software designed to manage and analyze Mainframe data and transmit it to a third-party service for LSU student athlete performance monitoring.

The Future

I'd love a new challenge. As a full-stack developer, I can take projects from beginning to end with ease. I can easily work with existing teams or developers as well.